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What does that mean? And what should I do?

Since February I got a boyfriend. We were so good but since a month I dunno if he sees me as his girlfriend since he has been ignoring me for a while which made me ask his friends. I just wanted to make sure he is fineHe stays online but never answers me... we no longer do video call or even voice call... I send like more than 4 msgs and he just answer by 3 words... Yeah... one time. I kept saying that I miss him and that we haven't talked in a while and other stuff but he just said " I'm sorry baby..." ... I texted his neighbor and he was kinda flirting with her and said " I wish I can cuddle you since I've no one : and other stuff but what about me... we talked but then I saw a post of him in another app saying that he thinks he is a bi...
He never really talk to me anymore ans I felt it... I asked him many times and he said that he is good... i really can't take it anymore but i love him...😔😔 I really wish someone asks him if he has a girlfriend or no to see if he really see me as one...
What does that mean? And what should I do?
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