Did she meet someone else?

I briefly worked with a girl for about a month and in that time we flirted with each other, started texting each other and eventually kissed.

I then left the job and we started dating once a week. On each date we had a good time and seemed to get on really well! I stayed at her place a few times and we were pretty full on and passionate but didn't fully have sex, she wanted to 'take things slowly' which I was fine with. The next day she was still all over me and really happy in my company. On days we didn't see each other we'd be texting several times a day.

A few days later I stayed over again and she didn't seem to want to be physical with me in any way - no kissing, hugging or anything. I figured she was just tired. The next week we went on another date, and I felt we struggled to keep conversation flowing and that she wasn't having a good time. At the end of it, she didn't kiss me goodbye for the first time.

The next week there was no contact between us at all. I eventually text her to see how she was doing, she replied briefly but didn't seem to want to talk to me.

My spidey senses are telling me she's not interested or she's met someone else, or she was just using me for a few nights out. But what I don't understand is how in the space of 3 or 4 days she went from being intensely interested in me to, what feels like, never wanting to see or hear from me again!?

We both admitted being attracted to each other, both have similar tastes, and originally it was HER that pursued ME! I don't really want to ask her what the problem is, I don't want to seem like some needy whiney loser. We've only been dating for just over 1 month, which I guess isn't long, but everything was going so well?!


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  • maybe she's just distracted with work or have a family problem. don't automatically assume the worst


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