GUYS... please explain your methods of communication!

So, I'm really into this guy but I don't want to ever smother him. I usually text my best friend throughout the entire day and it's like nothing to us.

This guy and I have gone out on a few dates and at first we were texting each other quite a bit and it seems to have lessened up. He'll text me once in a while now, but mostly I'm the one who will always touch base. I usually wait a few days or if I must text I limit it to once and then leave it alone.

Guys, when you're into a girl, do you care how much she texts you? Do you even keep track of who texts who first and what not? I feel like girls are the only ones that do this. Am I over thinking it or should I just text him when I feel the urge to?


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  • Girls and guys communicate for different reasons.

    Girls communicate to build and maintain social relations and feel closer to their friends and families. That's why girls can spend hours sitting and talking. And girls can spend hours texting each other.

    Guys communicate because there is a purpose. They need to handover a message or schedule something. It is more important for guys to do things together, and talking is not the essential part of our friendships. It is the things we do together. Get drunk, play video games, attend sports etc.

    I think most guys will be annoyed if the girl texts too much. It just seems... a lot of time is wasted on unimportant messages. We are not being mean on purpose - we just communicate differently.


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  • I like a couple flirtatious texts during the day. nothing to crazy. but having the woman I care a lot about send pics and or just a have a good day hun in the morning is never not appreciated.. getting into text after text after text is over board.. its just shows that you can't relax and focus on with what you got going on without constant attention.. needing constant attention gets old and isn't attractive. I know my bud dumped his girl becuase of this.. Just to much what are you doing now, what are you doing now? oh well what are you doing now? like oh my god get a life! ha ha you know what I'm sayin? just send your guy a couple friendly flirtatious texts a day is cool. or a text on what you want to do tonight when you see him..

  • I rarely send texts to my GF, I prefer to use a phone or something like Skype.

    I don't understand what you mean by who-texts-who-first, and I think that you're overthinking the whole thing.


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