How can I handle this love triangle?

I was dating this guy who I had strong feelings for, he did too but he never showed them, he was not a good boy, he was actually kind of a jerk and I felt really horrible throughout the time we were "together". I tried to leave him on several occasions but he always started telling me things after the break up that would make me regret my decision, so I always ended up going back to him.

This time though I met a new guy, this new boy is perfect and he is the exact opposite to the first guy, he is a good boy with good feelings and he was interested in me even though he knew I was seeing the other guy, I felt for him and he felt for me and so we decided to start a relationship.

So I dumped guy number 1 ( the bad boy) but now he says he can't get over me and that he can't forget about me, I never told him I started seeing a new guy cause I knew it would be too painfull for him that would just kill him, but I let it clear that I am not going back with him, now it seems like he's too afraid to let me go, he's texting me constantly and tells me he loves me, and he can't get over me, he even cries he refuses to let me go... I cannot reply or call him because I told my new boyfriend I would never speak to him again and I don't wanna hurt my new boyfriend as well.

The question is how can I help my ex boy to get over me? I feel like I will always care for him and I don't want him to suffer for me anymore because I don't deserve it, I mean I left him for another guy :'( I just wanna help him to be OK with the fact that we're no longer together


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  • Let him be, that way he will learn a lesson and stop being a jerk. If he truly loved you and all that why wouldn't he treat you well when you were together?

    • True true ! Its a good point I've thought about this. Thanks

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  • You really should just break off all contact with him - it will help him get over you if he's constantly reminded of you. It's not true that you can be friends with an ex immediately after a breakup. So keep on doing what you're doing... Don't answer him and just kind of ignore him, and he'll get the picture.