He'll just stop texting. Guys, are you bothered by this?

If you're single and you have female friends and/or talk to different females, would it bother you if one of the females (that "you've said" you are friends with) doesn't text or talk to you as often, or doesn't text you before the day is over? A guy friend of mine..I like talking to him, but he's wishy washy after saying we talked a lot like couples do. He's made a point to let me know if he's working or can't reply to texts, but yet, when we text back and forth for a bit, he'll just stop texting. And then there are days, if I don't text him, he says "you're being quiet". I don't get it.


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  • It just kinda like saying something to get a response so you guys can conversate over the last few days.


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