Boyfriend doesn't call often or message me back often. Help?

my boyfriend is busy 5 days of the week he often works midday to about 12pm he is the hospitality business and is pulling the busy hours now hoping to become a partner in the business [it looks like he is heading that way].

i tell him I'm proud of him all the time and I am very patient and understanding with him about his schedule. I've only asked for him to take time off or think about something else for the day of my birthday which is granted anyway.

the problem is he doesn't call often or message me back often. He says he forgets to reply. I think he is at work during these times. but mostly I'm annoyed because I seem to be making the moves first. When we have a phone call its usually only 2- 5 minutes and seeing as we can only see each other 1 - 2 times a week because of our busy schedule I expect he would at least like to talk for a while. I have tried going for days without contacting him. when I do this he will always contact me. but even still its only for a short time and then it goes back to me making all the moves first.

how can I fix this?


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  • ya still togeahter?

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