What's wrong with me?

OK, so for some reason I can't get a date :[

I regrettably went to prom alone... again

I have came up with a few theories

1.There is no verity or gutsy boys at my school

2. I am too difficult

3. I am too weird

4. I got no game

5. I am ugly

I do not know which one though.

A bit on me:

I love academics, even though I may fall asleep in class sometimes, I am graduating with high honors.

I have eccentric taste in clothing, music, and just overall being.

I guess I am weird, I have been called weird so many times I take it as a compliment, yet people still talk to me and stuff.

I can be a bit shy or very silly/outgoing depending on my mood.

I don't think I am bad looking, I have been called cute and gorgeous, but by women :/

I love to make people laugh.

Ugh, I can also be a bit awkward! I mean I stutter and junk around boys or slur or have word vomit.

I don't do stupid stuff like start drama or spread rumors, ugly female traits, and I am def not jealous.

Bad traits:

staring problem

may come on a bit too obvious or strong

serious face

So is it just me or are they onto something.



Most Helpful Guy

  • You have a lot of growing to do still, physically and with your personality. So don't worry. If you come on obvious or strong... hey we like that. Girls don't need game really. You're not ugly by looking at your photo.

    I'm guessing men are intimidated by you if you're very intelligent or have a serious face. Guys your age probably aren't confident enough to approach anyone but the most inviting girls. Just don't worry. In college you'll make a killing. Smart, a little eccentric, that's all good. I'd totally dig your staring problem too. It says your interested, makes you approachable. TOTALLY beats someone who looks like they don't know you exist.

    • Sheesh Mr you're making me blush

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What Guys Said 2

  • ill date ya!

    • Great! I'll write to you while you're in prison! :D

    • wonderfull, ill be at san mateo prison center

  • Graduating with high honors. Wow you're lucky I always fell around 1% short of that, So no recognition, no scholarships for me.

    You're still young at 17, don't rush things but don't sit around waiting for things to fall into your lap either be proactive ask guys out.


What Girls Said 2

  • hi,

    you are the best suit for my bro... he is just d same and worried of not getting a girl to share his feelings... if you are interested I could give his email id. you both can have a nice chat of anything open hearted... leave me a message if you really want to share with him... his name is Sam.

    good luck...


    • How can I message you miss when you are anonymous?

  • Hahaha calm down girlie. You are not undatable. I am assuming you are still in high school or are just getting out of it. High school boys suck, and I would not take anything personally. You need to expand your horizons. If you are going to college there will be people there that accept your style and habits. They will see you and love you for who you are, and in all likelihood you will make guy friends and one of them is bound to like you as more than a friend. So just slow down, there is no rush to being with someone. You have time, even if you do not realize it.

    • I hope so, that whole apocalypse 2012 theory better not ruin it :O

      Well I agree, high school boys do stink :[ I wish they were nicer