Totally lost. I need professional help.

Let's learn names, Aidan; girlfriend of 9 months, first love, taker of my virginity. Johnmark; best friend of 9 years, hypocrite. Anna; Johnmark's girlfriend, my good friend. Matt; brother. Conner; brother's best friend. Connor; brother's other best friend, Aidan's brother. Carrie; Aidan's mother. Corben; ex-girlfriend, close friend.

Now that we have names, lets start the story, shall we?

This past Thursday, I was bored so I asked Corben to hang out and smoke some spliff, she agreed and I snuck out of my house and went over there. We smoked, talked, and ended up making out. We immediately stopped and realized what we had done. We regretted it greatly afterward seeing as how we both had significant others. We promised not to speak of it and I left. The next morning she saw Johnmark in the gym and figured he already knew about the night before because I tell him practically everything (I don't know why, he usually uses it as ammunition, but I always forgive him), so she proceeded to talk to him about it and leave out one tiny detail; that we were high. Johnmark is very good friends with Aidan, I introduced him to her my second week of dating her.. Bad decision. Matt doesn't like that I'm dating Aidan, he thinks I should just get rid of her, so does Connor, mostly because he's her brother. Conner on the other hand is all for it. It was now Friday and Johnmark says nothing to me of knowing about the night before, and we go on with our day. I spend my weekend listening to my parents yell, sad music, and smoking weed. Late Saturday night Aidan calls me going off on me about sneaking over to Corben's. I was high and didn't really want to deal with the situation so I went with the mellow response of, "Okay, sorry." She didn't like that. She got pissed and stopped talking to me the rest of the night, I just chilled. Sunday morning comes, I smoke weed when I wake up and start my day, I skate, eat, skate, eat, then chill. I come down from my high around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and watch some T.V. I get an alarming text from Anna while I'm chilling outside on the front porch, it say's, "Do you know where Johnmark was last night?" I reply with, "No." Then Matt walks up after he got off work and sits on the front porch and smokes a cigarette and tells me to guess where Johnmark was last night, I say where? He tells me Aidan's. I say really, why? He say's, "Carrie walked in on them having sex." I just go silent. I talk to Anna, she tells me she's done with Johnmark, this was their one month. I go to talk to Johnmark and ask him about it and find that his Facebook has been deleted and so has my girlfriend's and neither of them have their phones. I see Johnmark the next day at school and he totally avoids me. I finally get a chance to talk to Aidan Tuesday night and she tells me she has feelings for Johnmark, feelings she's never felt before, feelings people dream of. I'm left in an awe, along with Anna. Johnmark continues to avoid me. So.. What do you think?

Just for all that say, I had it coming. She wasn't my girlfriend, we were just sort of together. Had she gone and made out with some random dude I would have totally understood. The only reason she hooked up with Johnmark was to p*ss me off and she said that to me directly. She took it a tidbit to far though.


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  • I think we will sit here patiently and wait for the next episode of "Days of our lives"


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  • You cheated and karma owned you.

    I feel bad for Corben. She seems sweet. Stay away from her.

    • Then why put

      Aidan: girlfriend of 9 months?

      Don't change your story.

      Either way you did deserve it you fooled around with someone so she did.

      Don't try making it one is worse because of it's intention this is cheating done by stupid people not murder.

  • well what else did you expect...that after making out with a girl...ur girlfriend will be waiting all gooey eyed for u? she has broken up with you because of that and what she did after that is her business. well its your frnd that sucks... having sex with your ex... of course he is avoiding u. he feels guilty. but I say leave it alone. you almost asked for all this


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