I am having problems connecting with girls in a non-physical sense?

Most girls I have been with lately have seemed attracted to me more on a physical rather than emotional basis. It is ridiculous, a girl I hooked up with told me this when she was drunk, I never really noticed you much but when I saw you go swimming the other day I started to really like you. Basically she was into my body. You say what is the problem with that? Well I want a real relationship not just a fling.

The thing is the girls I am attracting are not relationship material. The one I told you about was married, others have boyfriends, and some just want sex. Maybe my question should be how do I attract quality girls not hoes.


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  • So what?

    All guys approach on looks.

    At least as a guy you have more of an ability to turn that fling into a relationship.

    • Hoe guys attract hoe girls.

      Maybe you're not relationship material?

      After all you seem to like hoes instead of waiting.

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  • well, that is not good for you


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  • use it to your advantage if you can less attractive guys land attractive girls because they have confidence and a good personality. you on the other hand according to you have good looks but crap personality but you still have that confidence, I say go for it talk to more girls and your personality could change to fit

    • could be the reputation youhave or how you act depending on how you act you will attract diffrent girls

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