Should I text him first or no?

okay, so I was having a texting convo with my ex who I see from time to time, we still like each other but who knows if well ever be serious again. he's a very jealous guy, and I have a job I love right now, and I told him I was going to take another job doing promotions for bud light stuff like that. and he just says "yeahhh" and I said ""nice response" and that was it.

honestly his response pissed me off because it was a one word nothing, doesn't give his opinion or anything but clearly I can see he doesn't like it, TOO BAD THOUGH. its not like I'm trying to be a stripper, f***ing christ.

I'm supposed to see him tomorrow but seriously there was no reason for that type of response.

I need someone to support me and what I want to do in life damnit!

So yeah. Do I even bother texting him?!?!?

ps: we haven't talked in almost two days now after I said nice response. so dumb
And he has never been very supportive of me, which is why I get so frustrated when he pulls that sh*t. He's just not a happy person I guess.


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  • why worry ? don't stress too much . If you don't care very much about what will happen between you too ... don't act like you do. keep it casual , forget about " the past "

    he clearly didn't want to continue the conversation. don't know why.

    but , I can give you one advice : try being more diplomatic , if you get angry really fast, don't show him that ( by answering " nice response " for example ) , you will make him run away from you.

    • yeah you're right, I shouldn't stress over it. Its just he has never really been supportive of things I want to do in life, that's why I get the way I do. I'm actually a really happy person, sigh

    • so if he wasn't supportive when you were togheder why do you think he would be now that you broke up :)) ?

      Stop seeing / searching in your ex a model, an inspiration , if he isn't one.

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  • you answered your own question miss. "I need someone to support me and what I want to do in life damnit!" if he won't support you, what's the point.

  • The natural assumption is that anyone who does promotions for an alcohol/tobacco company is a tool and will most likely not be doing this for more than 5-10 years. He's your ex, move on.


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