Can anyone please help me with this shy guy?

I've known him for about 4 years, I knew he liked me but he's very shy and I am shy also so nothing ever happened, we hung out a bit, he did little favours for me etc. So anyway we 've had this on/off friendship kinda thing all this time.

So, about 2 months ago we had sex, next day he texts to say he had a nice time and he hopoed I had also, so the texting continues, I see him again, 3 weeks later, movie and sex! So I'm really confused, OK, he's gotten to know me a lot and really is not shy with me now, we were texting last weekend and he asked what I was doing and I told him cleaning and he said not to bother and that he'd turn a blind eye, I told him I'd some rubber gloves his size and he never replied. We have been texting since, the thing is I have no idea what he wants from me. I think it's just a friends with benefits thing but my friends think there must be more to it, and he's probably wondering what I'm thinking, just like I'm doing with him. I feel that I need to tell him how I feel but I don't know how, if all he wants is friends with benefits then I guess I'd be OK with that, if he wanted more I'd be OK with that to. The thing I do not want to do is lose him as a friend. We have made arrangements to go to the beach but no date has been set for that yet. He also offered to take me shopping. So its like he wants to see me other times but he won't ask (apart from the shopping),and I think part of that is because he does not know what I want, so how do I find out what he wants and tell him what I want without scaring him off/freaking him out, him being shy, I know if I push too hard he'll go hide in his cave. Any help you could give would be great, just don't tell me to ask/tell him because I know I could never do that!

Btw we're both in our 20's, not so shy with each other but still have issues communicating!

Also, we've not seen each other since we last had sex, about 3ish weeks ago now, still texitng though. He is a real loner and likes to spend a lot of time on his own, and he does not have many close friends.


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  • Men don't think about such things, they just let them evolve until one day they have an eureka moment and spring an engagement ring on you. I don't see your communication line strong enough yet to support what ifs and family planning goals yet. Instead, I would say WHEN to "shopping" and other events to get a more frequent togetherness going on ... and thus a stronger communication line that could support such goals.


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