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Anyone believe in psychics?

So i went to 9 psychics. Some i found on etsy one i found on tik tok... she posts videos daily and her vibe is super cool so i was like why not. the rest were all different people. it was like 50 cents to 10 dollars lol. it was cheap. 5 of them said that i was gonna date someone by the ened of the year... that it was gonna be the guy i like they gave more detaill that i was anxious and what not. They can't see me so they dont know me or anything I don't know how they know im stressed. 2 of them said i was gonna see them this month. 4 of them said that i was gonna date him nov-dec. 2 of them said NOPE... although one of the ones that said NOPE said i was just gonna date him but he wouldn't be my boyfriend. The last 2 said that maybe that i have to stop being clingy and worried. so yeah. should i believe this? 2 of them said that the relationship would be very nice and that im gonna be really happy. he's currently not answering my texts I don't know why but he kissed me back in July... so yeah I don't know
Anyone believe in psychics?
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