Does a girl have to be intelligent for you to date her?

I'm into this new guy, and he's a bit smarter than the guys I usually go for. I've gone out with all kinds of suceessful guys, athletes, models, musicians mainly. All very fun, exciting, and good looking, but none of them were really that intelligent, which works out because I'm not intelligent either. I'm kind of ditzy actually. lol

This new guy I like is really smart, and I'm really insecure around him. We flirt sometimes, but he hasn't asked me out yet, so I'm thinking of just asking him myself. If he says no, it's cool, but I'd rather know for sure how he feels before I move onto the next guy. In general, do you think a smart guy would go for a girl who isn't really intelligent? Should I try, or just let it go?


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  • I'd rather help your with your particular perdicament rather than answering you opening question with a personal preference . . . hopefully that will be more helpfull to you

    as such . . . I have to say . . .well . . .it really depends on how you define 'intelligent'.

    I know it may seem like I'm dragging out your point here but it is rather important. . . especially for someone in our age bracket. . . I'm only trying to give a better answer.

    If you attribute intelligence to WHAT SOMEONE KNOWS . . . then I can understand how that would be intimidating . . . but do know that you have no reason to be.

    In the information age that we live in, people who are highly specialised and knowledgable in there field of interest are becoming more and more like the norm.

    As such, the typical science nerds, maths geeks and history buffs are becoming more and more open . . . for they are no longer ashamed about what interests them (and nor should they).

    However . . . a certain degree of insecurity is held by some of them . . . so, if this is the case, then maybe you asking him out is not such a bad idea.

    Nevertheless, If this guys sounds like one of these people . . . then RELAX . . . they understand that their knowledge of their field is not something that is shared by all . . . and will NEVER (from what I have experienced) denegrate or judge another person as such. . . just be you're normal cool self.


    If you attribute intelligence to HOW SOMEONE THINKS (as I do) . . . then I'm afraid . . . your in for much more of a mixed bag.

    Now, in this case, I'm talking about the 'arts' crew . . . musicians, artists, philosophers, phycologists, writers, journalists, designers . . . . . so on so forth.

    Now, while in this group your bound to find a lot of interesting and fun people . . . its not without its healthy population of self-absorbed, abnoxious, pretentious douche bags . . . who will claim superiority over anybody who is not as 'astute' as they are ANY CHANCE THEY GET. . . especially males!

    If this guy sounds like he might be in the second group then I suggest you reply back --- give us more information . . . so then maybe I can help you not feel so insecure around him.

    But I should say . . . MANY guys in this catagory pride themselves on their ability to manipulate other people . . . and will not take anyone seriously until they can 'prove themselves'.

    Its a 21st century twist on the alpha male . . . only these guys deal with brain NOT brawn . . .

    . . . so be warned!

    but in case I don't hear back from you . . . I suppose ill say good luck with it all!

    its bin a pleasure :)

    • I guess everyone experiences things. I've known a lot of self absorbed, kind of stuck up brainy people which is why I stayed away from them in high school. I'm very used to the types of guys I mentioned above, and I fit into that world somewhat. now I'm a bit more whatever about it so I try to talk to everyone, but a lot of smart people are so up their own asses and speak down to you. this guy is different though, and that's one thing I like about him.

    • Oh to answer your question, he's a double major in chemistry and biology I believe, and he's going to medical school next year. He's also really into politics and history, he talks about it a lot.

    • Look, you sound like you know which ways up. . . I appologise if I appeared patronising before.

      He sounds solid to me . . . but . . . if I was to advise you as to how to make sure; it would be to discover if he is . . .

      " . . . inteligent enough to know just how ignorant he really is" ~ Socrates

      For years it has bin my definition for a trully intelligent person and, I hope, will serve you well in discovering if he is, also, a true man of honor and nobility.

      I say go for it . . . Good luck!

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  • No. She doesn't have to be on her way to winning a Nobel Prize on something, but I don't want a girl that is completely brainless either. I just can't put up with that very well and it starts to wear on my nerves a bit.

    I've been told countless times that I'm smart, but I just think everyone else is sub-par :) I don't see myself as being this smart, intelligent brainiac so I don't see myself as above anyone or on a different level. So I don't look for a girl of a certain intelligence, but I would have doubts about being with a brainless girl.

    You say you're ditzy, there are many kinds of ditzy. What exactly do you mean? You're the "low intelligence" ditzy, or you just do silly things-type of ditzy?

    • Umm...both? lol I don't think of myself as intelligent at all and I do a lot of silly things. So both.

    • Well I guess it depends on you then, like if you are just completely out of it lol. Doing silly things is fine I suppose, gives me something to tease her about. But that's just me

  • It does help if a girl is intelligent for me when looking at a long term relationship. However there needs to be a balance with many other character traits, fun, compassion, honesty etc.

  • There are many kinds of intelligence, logical intelligence, people intelligence, emotional intelligence, linguistic intelligence, and many more. On a woman I don't really mind as long as she is not really daft and has at least one of these.

  • No a girl does not need to be Intelligent before she have a date or go into a Relationship.

  • seriously your inteligent in your way

    and to answer , yes he will !

    so go and ask him


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