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Am I just too insecure or is my discomfort valid?

So me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year, everything’s going great!

Recently, we’ve had more talks about our future plans… in a couple of years, on his side he wants to move out with a friend first before actually moving in with me so he can get a feel of how it is to live alone, something along those lines, taking things slow.

Now just a while ago, he’s talked with his best friend, and they somehow made it a possibility that he and HER move in together in a couple of years. Now, I’ve met his best friend a few times and we even plan on hanging out, we’re really vibing, she’s super sweet! But I’ve always considered myself a laid-back girlfriend, I don’t really mind who he hangs out with, what he does or where he goes, all that kinda stuff. He's been telling I have nothing to worry about but I really cannot shake off the feeling of discomfort I have of them moving in together, even if I still will let him go do it if it ever happens. He's told me just because they're a boy and a girl, doesn't mean anything will happen (and I somehow agree to an extent...) between them. However, I really don’t feel good about this possibility that they move in together, even if they’ve been friends for a decade and I know she’s a great person. Even though nothing is set in place, like at all, I still really don’t like this idea at all. I don’t know if it’s alright for me to be super uncomfortable with this situation… but nonetheless, I won't be stopping him if he really wants to.

It’ll be nice to get some insights from you all, I would really appreciate it!
Am I just too insecure or is my discomfort valid?
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