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So is it a man’s job to approach women?

A quick summary before I get started with question. I’m 25, never had a girlfriend and still virgin. I used to hate myself, hated the world hated the way I looked, I used to catfish girls online for about 3 years.

I’m in the stage of acceptance and trying to carve an optimistic future. I don’t catfish anymore, I don’t have suicidal thoughts anymore however my social anxiety still lives me to this day.
Now here’s a question: Is it really a man’s job of he wants to get a girlfriend or get laid to actually approach a woman? I noticed women never approached me, they look at me like a second or two then I no longer exist to them.

I don’t mind if I had to do approaching because it does seem like a role of man for the job but I’m scare of not only of rejection but inevitably getting accused of “trying it on” because once a few years ago I attempted to approach a girl nightclub because I thought she’s smiled at me then some random girl nearby started verbally abusing me as if like I was attempted to “trying it on” but that wasn’t my intention. My intentions was to introduce myself and asked how’s night going. Thanks to radical third wave feminism and political correctness it feels like I’d be painted as a modern day Hitler for opening up those issues.
So is it a man’s job to approach women?
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