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Guys, do you date girls just for a laugh (as a prank)?

Guys, do you date girls just for a laugh (as a prank)?
A few years ago I had a boyfriend. We were together for a year and he said it was a very serious relationship for him. A year into the relationship I had met his parents, friends and extended family a few times, he had travelled to my country to meet my parents, friends and family, we were browsing for a apartment/house to rent together, shopping for an engagement ring, planning for our future together, and trying for a baby. We would spend every weekend together, and go on lots of holidays. He told all of his friends that I was "The One" and he's head over heels in love with me.
Then one day he dissapeared off the radar, only to come back a week later to tell me that he's spent the week with his fiancé he's been with for 2 years. He also told me that he booked the flights to go see her whilst he was at the dinner table asking my father for my hand in marriage. My ex-boyfriend said he would have wanted to continue his relationship with me but the wedding date with his fiancé was fast approaching and he would find it hard to multitask. I never knew he had a fiancé! I met him online and when we started dating he said he was single, confirmed by his family & friends.
He ended our relationship by saying that I was just a wh**e for him and that he dated me for a laugh down at the pub with his mates, as in: "I'm Top Bloke, I told her I loved her and she fell for it, what a dumb b***h!" He said our relationship was just something he did for the kicks, he loved feeling special.
Is this normal behavior? Is it common amongst men? Do you do this? How do I protect myself from being a victim again?
Guys, do you date girls just for a laugh (as a prank)?
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