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I don't trust men anymore?

I am so mortified, my mom has a friend who is dating a child molester, or a rapist or someone who harms others. I really worry about this happening to me. I wouldn't wanna date someone who does this or is a horrible person who leads a second life. he seemed like the nicest guy too... the girl was 6. Like I just wanna find an amazing guy who I can have kids with. BUT I always find the creeps too. I wouldn't wanna be dating someone and he ending up like this.

I was like "how can she stay with him?" that alone would make me run away from him and stay away no matter how much I "loved" him. I'm so worried about this one of my biggest fears that the guy I date is twisted like this.

I dont mean to be rude but I dont trust men. WHY can't I just find someone who I can trust and be with and it would be us against the world?
I don't trust men anymore?
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