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Guys, Will an average looking girl ever be able to interest someone?

Hi everyone. So here it goes. I am a very plain looking girl, with particularly no talent (I am good in academics, not the best, but I am decent, if that counts). I have had two boyfriends. I am not attractive by society standard, and labelled as cute (because they feel obliged to say so). I have been very insecure about this since I was 15 years old. My first boyfriend , he never complained anything like that, but then he left me for a beautiful looking girl. My second boyfriend, he too didn't complained, but I feel, he is not attracted to me by my looks. I was tired of feeling dejected, so I broke up things with him, mutually. It hurts.

When I was Younger and in high school, guys would approach me to introduce them to my beautiful friends. I loved my friends, and was not jealous of them. I just, wanted to be desired like that sometimes. When I was below 15, I was a very confident and outgoing kid. I used to raise my hand to answer, play football with my guy friends, etc. But when I started growing up, I started noticing that people befriend me to talk to my beautiful friends. If I cuss during an argument, they would instantly redirect the argument towards my looks, and I would not be in a position to answer back. This brought a lot of changes to my personality.

It is not that I am in dire need of a relationship, but I am just afraid, what If that never happens to me.

They say that girls should approach guys too. But I approached three guys in my life till now. And they befriended me to come closer to my friends. I stopped going to the parties because I would be an outlier usually.

For my looks idea (if that is necessary ): I am 5'4 tall, olive skin, I have some pimples and marks on my face (so not a very clear skin), average build, weigh 114 pounds, no stomach fat, body wise I have a decent body with fine curves as I play football and jog-exercise regularly, I have regular eyes, sharp nose, and regular lips. I just thought to give an idea of my looks.
Guys, Will an average looking girl ever be able to interest someone?
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