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How can I stop being depressed about MGTOW stuff?

I am not MGTOW//blackpill myself, but reading about it does make me depressed, even more because I still think some of it (like the criticism of false rape allegations, there being a "looks caste" etc.) are at least true in some extent or actually happening in significant-enough instances. I'm also familiar with the statistics that seem to be complete downside for the "average" man in the dating world and there is no silver lining at all. That 1/3 of men under 30 or 40 are perpetually alone and virgins, and the possibility of me being part of that statistic. I don't know about anyone else, but I believe there must be something systemic happening in some way that this is the status quo now. I even have a couple personal experience that might validate it.

On top of that the guilt and embarrassment that I might be able to relate to them.

How can I stop being depressed about MGTOW stuff?
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