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Is this a bad way to look at the situation?

To out things in perspective, in 2015 I had a crippling injury that I took years to recover. In 2017, my fiance ended things because of a sudden religious conflict, and I struggled with health, both mind and body.
In 2019, I was in a good place. I was functional, my mental health was recovering, and I found a good job.
I was having fun with a girl at work, and we would talk time to time, and I asked if she was seeing someone and she said she was.
For the next few months, she was quiet and we didn't really talk after, and we weren't unfriendly, but then she suddenly started flirting with me every shift we had together.
Turned out the boyfriend worked in the building in a different division and that made it complicated. But she really puts herself out there with me.
Recently I started in a new division where I see her every day, but don't work with her at all.
Now she pushes harder and she tries to talk to me more and brings up very random things.

My problem is, I can't tell if she's doing this just for attention or if she actually likes me she's still with the boyfriend, and it's frustrating.
Over the years, I gained weight sand something changed. I have struggled to get dates and I've only dated one girl for 2 months, and the last girl I went out with was a one night stand.

My worry is that she's just messing with me and I'm falling for it, because no one has been interested in me for a while and it's weird she suddenly wants to flirt with me. Her boyfriend is fit and I'm just not on the level.

I just don't know what to do or how to look at it. I've tried to see if she treats everyone the same, but it seems that she doesn't act the with anyone like she does with me or her boyfriend.
Is this a bad way to look at the situation?
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