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Dating affluent mature men?

I'm ready for a financially stable and mature relationship. If it means I have to work harder, I will. I'm ready to fly from the nest. I also feel guilty because of the negative stereotype about women dating affluent men.

Problem is I do live at home. I'm ashamed I didn't start saving at 16... but with my art I can get up to $500. Over a year with PayPal I had $4000...

I struggled with jobs. My current one isn't full time since no ones retired yet. Its not a fancy office job.. I work in the kitchen.

I'm not a perfect 10 on looks. I'm willing to improve that. However beauty is subjective.

I'll be 40 by the time I can afford a house.

I want some one financially well off to have a roof over our head. Most of the guys I find were... bums... no ambition. I feel more at ease with older men than younger. I've enjoyed company more with older than younger.

Should I feel guilty? Is my mother right I shouldn't lower my standards? Should I just wait on dating? What should I do if I want to date affluent men?
Dating affluent mature men?
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