What are your dealmakers?

What qualities in a person make you want to date them? Don't worry about seeming shallow, because here's an opportunity to describe qualities in your ideal person. So for example girls, if you want to say you want a guy who's at least 6 feet tall, that's fine. I don't know about others, but at least I won't judge you :P

For me:






-Cute (not hot)

That's all I can think of right now.

Also, in anticipation of questions asking me why I want a cute girl and not a hot one:

Cute girls are ones who are nice, and look nice too. Hot girls are ones who turn you on when you look at them. For the most part, any girl could be cute one day and hot the next, if she portrays herself that way. For example, if she showed off her boobs, wore a short skirt, and put makeup on, she might look hot. But if she wore humble stuff, she'd look cuter, and having a really kind personality would make her really cute. So if I were to choose between a hot girl (who showed herself off and wasn't necessarily that nice) and a cute girl (who just looked pleasant and was nice) to have as a girlfriend, I'd choose the cute one. And if one night we wanted to have sexytime :P, she could look hot by wearing certain clothes and acting sexy.


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  • for me

    - at least somewhat physically attractive

    - LIKES MY FRIENDS (prob biggest one)

    -likes me and wants to be with me =P

    lol I know pretty slack list but what the hell =P I'm easy


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  • Hot

    Same values

    Degree & job with that degree


    • Do you only want a guy who's a virgin, or would that just be ideal?

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    • You don't have to do that lmao. Uh, it's probably way harder to look for virgins who are happy being virgins (not that they don't exist - I'm one, but still, I'm guessing most virgins don't like being virgins).

    • Hence "get a virgin who wanted to be one"

      I know there's plenty of angry/bitter/woman hating virgins.

      Oh I know.

  • - Attractive ( at least to me ).

    - sweet and passionate.

    - studying in college or has a college degree.

    - outgoing and kinda talkative.

    - can give me a good time.

    - get jealous easily lol.

  • - A guy who's taller than me by at least a couple inches (yet not so tall that he towers over me)

    - Either thin or muscular (but nothing extreme)

    - Acne (weird, but it makes me feel less like sh*t about the state of my own skin)

    - Not overly talkative or loud and obnoxious. I want someone who doesn't feel the need to make their presence known everywhere they go.

    - Unconventional looking (not ugly, per say, but a memorable face)

    - Nice, and not an asshole

    - Sweet to me

    - Has ambition

    - Common interests: video games, movies, books, music, science, etc etc

    • I lol'd when I read your acne point :P.

      That's an interesting point about an unconventional look. I can kinda see where you're coming from.

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