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What does DATING mean to you?

I’m having a little bit of hard time understanding that lol.. espcially after almost getting married to the “love of my life “ a year ago I’m having trouble understanding what DATING is or means.. after a long difficult time I finally allowed myself to give this guy a chance to take me out on a date. Little did I know that one time date which I thought would be turned into many more dates I guess I can call it? (We’ve been going out a lot ) , spending a lot of time together on our free time , having dinners , lunches the whole nine yards you name it.. what I really like about him is that it’s not just about the sex , yes we’ve had AMAZING SEX a few times lol but we don’t all the time. We order take out or I’ve been trying to impress him by making him home cooked meals and we spend hours watching movies and talking etc etc doesn’t have to be only about sex.. soooooooo since I haven’t been on this “dating scene” is this all a good thing or bad? Lol please help I’m a bit confused it’s been soooooo long for me.. I really like him a lot :)
What does DATING mean to you?
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