Between two guys

What do you do when you have kinda started to move on and then that person starts acting the way they used to and then your feelings come back, but you like someone else a lot like you can't stop thinking about them but deep down inside you still care for that person. Let's just say stuck between two. Please

help, I need as much of it as I can get! :'(


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  • You're young, and when we're young our feelings change often and more easily. I'd say go for the new guy, unless you're absolutely positive the other guy likes you. But be careful, he might just be going through a phase, so be careful not to get hurt. only YOU can know the answer to what you have to do. You have to choose.

    • But I'm not positive about them both

      I care for the new guy a lot like I hate to

      see him sad or upset and every time I see him I have this big smile on my face. The old guy... I just hate seeing him flirt with all of this girls. but I get over it fast.

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    • Just find a way to get the two of you alone so you can tell him how you feel. I know it's scary, but it's the best way to do it. You'll feel so relieved afterwards, whether he feels the same or not. Just TELL him!

    • Okay I hope I can thanks.

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