Should I say yes?

Me and this guy have been seeing each other for a year. Super casual we didn’t put a label on anything. Couple days ago we were laying in bed and I said it’s be nice to hang out with him outside of just his bedroom. We’ve only ever gone out to eat once because he was super hungry one day but every time we’ve only ever went to his house. He asked if I was wanting something more serious. I like him but I’ve been scared to bring anything up because a year ago he said he didn’t want something serious. And he said “well what if I do now?” And I asked if he was being serious and why he wanted to date me. He just said I was cool. I have noticed though that he’s been wanting me to stay over night at his place more and being a lot more affectionate. But also I did mention I was a bit anxious during sex because of trust issues so I don't know if this is just a way for him to make me trust him and if all of this is just for sex. He says that there’s no pressure. He’s willing to communicate with me and work out things with me. What do you think. Is he genuine should I say yes.
He’s genuine. He’s already banging so no reason to bring up a relationship unless he actually wants one
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Wait and get to know him better outside of the bedroom before saying yes.
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Should I say yes?
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