If you are taking me out on a date....? :)

Where would you take me? & what would it be like? What are we going to talk about? & how will it end?



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  • Well it would start before I even meet up with you. I'd pay for you to go to a spa and get yourself pampered. Nails done, full body massage to get you relaxed, skin care, the whole deal. After that, you'll have an appointment already set up with the hair salon (because we know how much you ladies love doing your hair up right). After that, I'd send you sweet little texts all day long, just to tease you with the flirting and let you know I'm excited for the date. I'd finally pick you up at your door later on in the day and walk you to my car. I'd head to a your favorite place that you like to have dinner, to treat you to your favorite food. Appetizers, main course, dessert if you'd like. We'd talk, laugh, have a good time with each other over dinner. Then we would head off to a comedy club, to throw in some fun and light-hearted atmosphere and get us feeling good. Have to keep the happiness and good time going :)

    After that's over, I'd have a nice salsa club to go to for a great time dancing to some fun and energetic music. We'd get lost for hours just enjoying the music, and dancing with each other. Once the club starts winding down in the mid hours of the morning, I WOULDN'T have you home. We would ease off the night by just walking around the city and talk about the date, the fun we've had, the laughs we've had, the good time we've had, each other, whatever we wanted to talk about. By this time, we'd find a beautiful spot to sit, relax, and watch the sun come up, hear the birds wake, and wish we could do it all over again.


    • OMG Brando, Take me on a date, please!

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    • Woow! Guys! hahahaha I LOVE you both :)))))))))))))))) I love how you are competing though :D

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  • There's a section for this (insert your name here)! It's 'Reality Check'! I would take you to dinner then a movie and then a walk so we could talk further. We'd talk about whatever came up in conversation but my main focus would be to get to know you and make sure you're enjoying yourself. It would end with me taking you home - no kiss :)

  • Probably a resturant so we can sit and talk and enjoy food. After we could go for a walk through a park or beach if your near the water.

  • We would go to a cafe and jump online to check out recipes while sipping a drink. Then we would go to the West Side Market to pick up fresh ingredients and a local grocery store to pick up the rest of what we need.

    Head to my place and make the dinner together while conversing about things. Maybe enjoy the meal outside if it's nice. It would end with you running to your car avoiding a goodnight kiss. :p

  • I think, I would take you to a restaurant on the sea side. after that, may be we can walk around the beach over there and enjoy talking to each other.

    I never think in advance, what I am going to talk about, its going to be random :). but yes I will talk about you I guess :P

    I think its end would be awesome :P

    • How the end would be like? :D by the way, I love the sea side idea :))

    • there should be a suspense, but I am telling you, it would be awesome :)

  • I will come pick you up with my 3 legged donkey...we will go to the basement of my house and we have a tea and we talk about how you should go back home...it will be romantic :)

  • why would I want to date you?

    • Then get off my question page. :D

    • then don't assume all guys want you

    • Are you silly? I;m not assuming this.

  • Shouldn't a guy put in his time to find out a bit about you first so you don't end up

    eating at a place that you don't like

    going to the circus and you have a peanut allergy

    talking about pink when you clearly love purple

    I can answer one part...if someone does not put in a vested interest before hand then

    how will it end? badly

    give us something to create this scenario a little better

    • I'd like to go out with a guy who could figure it out himself ;) a little creativity does magic for a girl ;)

    • a little yes

      but active listening can be one of the sexiest capabilities to have

      it shows care, concern, interest, empathy, sincerity and other things that end in n, y and t..

      but I also must add this question

      are men simple or complex?

      trust me I am going somewhere with this

      plus, tell me about our date...where we going? what time? day? place? who is driving? all the details

  • I would take you back to my apartment where you could make me dinner, then we could watch a movie and you could give me a blowjob and then iron my clothes after for when I go to the bar.

    • You are living in the ice age, buddy! or perhaps before that.

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