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How Disrespectful is this in a Relationship?

I saw this on REDDIT yesterday and I was appalled. I just HAD to Post it and Get your Own at Home Opinion here. This married Woman who is Pregnant with her First Child, Tells her Husband he can GO to his Ex's Funeral. He asked her if he could Go and Not take Her, But take a few Friends from School who knew her way back in the day. Sounds Okay. Apparently, When he and this EX split up years Ago, He took it VERY Bad. When his wife met Him, He was still grieving and it took awhile for him to even Fall for her. She was a HUGE comfort to him. He then moved on and was NOT in touch with the Ex. Good move on his Part and Heart. Now we are coming to the Best Part. He came Home from the Funeral and on his Arm, Was a band-aide. She asked Him what happened? He proceeded to Take it Off and on his Arm---A TAT WITH HIS EX'S NAME ON IT!!! He went to the Tat salon and had it Done after the Service!!! His poor Wife was so Devastated that she nearly Keeled over. I felt so Sorry for her. How could he? I find it Disrespectful! He has her NAME on His arm to Remind him of her OUT OF RESPECT, He claims? No love Lost, He Exclaims? Any thoughts? xx
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How Disrespectful is this in a Relationship?
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