Dating your friends?

Okay so I like this guy who broke up with his girlfriend about 6 months ago. They were friends for a couple years before they started dating, tried dating and lasted one and a half years. Basically they lived hours apart and when he moved closer to her and seen each other all the time opposed to every month or so, not even 2 months after the move they broke up. The reason he told me was because that they decided they work better as friends, and make better friends then a couple.

They still hang out all the time,talk all the time, and are still friends. Do you think I have a chance with this guy? and can you explain this "we work better as friends then as a couple" thing please ?


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  • with a guy friend, I would just tell him about the guys I'm dating. I would go out with him and ask him why he isn't dating but I would be more of the type to say that I want something more than him and want to keep him as a friend because he seems cool. He also seems to want to hang out with me as much as I with him, but I only see him as a friend. Maybe it's because he drinks and smokes and has a different religion than I do. I can respect that but I'd rather have someone who didn't drink, smoke or have a different religion.

    now with a person that I can see myself as a "couple" with it would be more of seeing him and not wanting to really see anyone else. I wouldn't be telling him that I was also seeing anyone else because I would want to just want him and hope he wants the same. I wouldn't really push him away is what I'm trying to say. He'd also have qualities that I am looking for, like he doesn't smoke or he's willing to quit, he doesn't drink and he has the same religion... etc