How do I express to my boyfriend that I want him to kiss me?

So yeah, it’s my first boyfriend*blush*and I want him to be the one who kisses me. I’ve been pecking him on the cheek, but he's not getting it I guess. I want it to be as unawkward as possible and

we’ve been going out for over a week now. I don't want to move too fast. Help?

P.s- it’s my first kiss. It’s not his.


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  • Basically you could either go watch a movie or you could be sitting on the couch together. Make sure you guys are close (ie: he has his arm around you) and then just look him in the eyes for a few seconds straight. If he notices (which he will) don't say anything just keep looking (even if he says "what?"). Maybe lick your lips, I don't know anything that could make it more obvious to him.


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  • Never ask for a kiss just do it


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  • get alone and ask him to kiss you. or you can just press your lips on his and take it from there.

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