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Would you completely end things over a stupid statement the other person made?

I’ve been talking to this guy for three months who is three hours away. His job moves him around everywhere but we both are looking for a relationship. It has been a little hard the distance but we have been trying.
We have had one disagreement over political beliefs but decided we liked each other more than that disagreement. His work does cause us to cancel many dates. It’s also talking about moving him again but it’s not final. He didn’t want to stop talking.
We were discussing dating and how to make a long distance relationship work if we decided to date. He said at first he saw us working but in time getting harder. That in all honesty from his experience that long distance doesn’t usually work. I then asked if he was one of those guys who change girls when he changes location or if he was with a girl just in the moment.
He got so mad at me, saying I was making assumptions about him that were not true. He got really offended.
I tried genuinely apologizing and even explaining my concerns. I tried texting wanting to work things out and accepting I was wrong. He just ignored me.
I finally messaged him a final good bye saying that long distance would never work if we have no communication. That that’s all you have in a long distance relationship. That if you won’t talk and work through your problems that it would never work. That no one is perfect and makes mistakes. All types of relationships have fights or disagreements but it’s how you handle them that makes and breaks them. Running away never fixes anything. If this mistake meant more to him then me we have nothing.
Would you break it off with someone over this? Is he over reacting?
The mistake was to big to work through.
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Would you completely end things over a stupid statement the other person made?
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