Guys are there any girls from your past that you never dated and still wish you could? Have a "what if"?

With my BF/relationships, there has always been closure, as with the guys I wanted there to something more..except one. I met him about 5ish years ago, made my interest known, and we hooked up. The next day he asked me to call, we talked, then he texted me all day when he was at work. We mutually wanted to keep the hookup between us but he also asked me out and, while I didn't say no, I didn't say yes. -- I assumed he wanted to just hook up again, though we kept hanging out nothing happened after that nor was brought up. but we had mutual friends at the time and, fast forward a couple weeks, he thought I liked one of them and made a comment like it bothered him. So I have seen him here and there, he's always sweet, which is why I hooked up with him, he's a nice guy, and I've always liked him. (I.E. The day after me and my boyfriend broke up he took me out for the day and to lunch) But at the time I was not good at communication and just assumed what he wanted. He was/is good looking and so are the girls he's dated so he was intimidating and I again figured it was BS and pegged him for a Casanova. Getting to know him over time, and seeing it is the real him and has pretty much ruined dating, which I've taken a break from since realizing this. We don't see each other often now, but I want to talk to him when I see him -- how crazy will I sound telling him I always had a thing for him, I know he used to be into me..theres more I'm not writing because it would be pages. guys how would you react to a girl from the past? a nice, goodlooking, and, despite how I write here, sane ha..ladies, or gents, any experience? Gracias!


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  • Ever since the day I first saw my best friend I wanted to share my life with her. Unfortunately she had a boyfriend who was a jerk, And kept hurting her. I got to talking with her and she told me how he made her life hell but she still loved him. I wrote a song for her, Later on that day I showed it to her, two years later and we're still friends but she sends an email saying not to look at it until "later". That night she kills herself on cam to me. The email says: "Iloveyou.sorry.bye<3" I cry now for her!

    • Thank you for sharing your story -- I am so sorry for your loss.

    • I had a friend I never hooked up with because she was always dating some guy I knew and I didn't want to ruin their relationship. Even when she'd be single I never worked up the courage to ask how she felt about me. Finally I worked up the courage and had written a letter 4 pages long explaining myself to her and how I felt and just so happens she lost interest in me and told me that writing that letter could ruin her current relationship and to never text or call again

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