Why isn't he calling when he says he will? (Please read details)

I like this guy, and I think he likes me. Sometimes he initiates the conversation and sometimes I do.. so it's not just me stalking him. We talk everyday, whether its for 2 hours, or a text.. it's always something. Sometimes he'll tell me he'll call me later, then doesn't.. do you think he's uninterested, forgetful, has someone else.. or doesn't want to come off as desperate and instead plays a little hard to get?


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  • stop thinking so much... your killing yourself like that lol. let things naturally run its courses.


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  • Well, it is too hard to say. Thre isn't enough info. to answer that question very well. Some women say that their guy acts that way because he gets caught up in something else. Other people say that it is sign that he doesn't have a lot of respect for you and isn't super into you.

    Let's try to put some of this into perspective. If he is playing hard to get by purposely not calling you when he says he will, that means he is super insecure and will always play games with you. Do you want that?

    If he is doing it because he isn't that into you, well, that is rude too. Do you want that?

    If he is doing it because he gets caught up into something else ? How often does he do it? Does he text or call later and apologize? Have you asked him why he does it? Has he even taken you out yet? I would stop initiating conversation so much with him and wait to see what he does.