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Is it worth it to express my fears to him?

I’ve been seeing this guy for going on 6 months now. We kind of stopped talking for a month (I tried to ghost but he started the convo back up again) and we moved quickly from texting to FaceTiming to hanging out.

Very recently I’ve met his friends and he’s about to meet mine in a couple weeks, but this past weekend we had sex for the first time. I had a great time and I hope he did too, but I’m so afraid that I’ll get hurt like before because we’ve had sex but haven’t had the official talk yet. We talked a few days after but the conversation was incredibly short (we were just making plans). We usually talk for the rest of the week so I feel like we’re already fizzling out. I feel like it’s easy to say you’ll meet my friends but because it’s in the future he could quickly ghost me by then.

Is this something I should talk to him about or am I just going to come off as clingy?
Is it worth it to express my fears to him?
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