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Thoughts on dating multiple people at once?

Hello! I am a single F (22) and I have just gotten out of a relationship and stepping into the more mature world of dating. I was wondering what people's thoughts were when it comes to dating multiple people. In the past, I found it hard to invest in one person only to have them ghost you and be disappointed or to find out that they have actually been seeing other people.

If I dated multiple people though, how would I know when to cut it off?
Would it be unattractive/rude of me to date multiple people at once?
Is it the norm to assume everyone is dating multiple people unless you become exclusive?
How would I let the others know if I were to become exclusive with someone else without hurting anyones feelings?
Even if I am not getting physically intimate, could I still be leading them on emotionally?

I really don't want to end up breaking hearts. I only want to spread love and make sure everyone is having a good time meeting new people and having fun experiences.
Thoughts on dating multiple people at once?
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