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How do I tell him I love him?

so I've been seeing this guy for a little over six months at first I wouldn't exactly say seeing this guy but we were talking. A spontaneous meet makes me instantly fall head over heels. Mind you he is massively attractive and extremely charismatic. To me he's a 9. To me I'm a bottom feeding 5. Things start going places shortly after for a brief moment i was seeing him daily. Mainly staying at his place because i live a distance. I only go to his place. He doesn't come to mine. But I was staying the night. Sex life was dead due to underlining circumstances. But is getting better now. So I kinda push a relationship on him. Or mention it as what I truly want out of this which is true. Weither short or long. I want only him.

he's a very emotionally reserved person. He doesn't exactly see the point in titles or want the relationship stress. But to me like I said nothing would change. Nothing has but time. I just want to call him my special someone. As time goes on his gotten distant but not in the i dont want you way because slowly but surely he's made a small place for me. I feel it when he talks. He likes his distance and I respect every inch of him.
But with him being emotional distant about how he feels and never talking about feelings. How do I tell him im falling for him. As if he doesn't know already. I go out of my way to grab his attention. To get him everything he needs.. even if its my car take it. Knowing you can get where he needs to go means so much to me.

Obviously you can tell my English is poo and my run on sentences are real. But my feelings are too? I just dont want to scare him away. If he doesn't love me back. Not that he has too. He just has to stay. I enjoy hearing his voice and watching him play. Were not exactly compatible since im
How do I tell him I love him?
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