Dating a high maintenance male model?

I see all the time girls saying they don't want to date a guy who is really high maintenance and it turns them off that he takes so long to get ready. Would that still apply if he's a model and he pays the bills by being really high maintenance, or would it then be ok?

  • Still totally apply
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  • Still annoy me but I would tell myself to quit worrying about it because he's a model
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  • It would totally no longer apply. We could get our hair done together :D lol.
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  • I want to see the results
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  • If the guy was really rude and conceited, then being high maintenance would be a huge turnoff, but if he was a nice person who happened to be blessed with good looks and enjoyed taking care of himself, I wouldn't mind. It's attractive when a guy wants to look good for himself. And if his career emphasizes his confidence, more power to him. :)

  • I want to live in a world where models are the ones who look handsome/gorgeous when they just got out of bed.

    It would probably annoy me.


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