Why doesn't he call back?

Iv'e been seeing this guy for about 4 weeks and we get along great..i fbooked him the other day to see if he was doing anything then I text him and told him I was going to be about if he wanted to meet but iv'e had no reply..usually before he would erply back but just hasn't..do you think I'm being abit pushy,do you think I should give him a break for awhile..i hadn't heard from him all day one time and eventually later on he surprised me with coming out..he says he likes me too..what do I do now?


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  • Well...he could very well be busy with some things and maybe you shouldn't take it personally, but I've noticed with myself that sometimes being TOO available can turn some guys away...Can't tell you what to do ;) Can only offer my observations~

    • mm yeah maybe..every time iv'e seen him its always mainly been on a Tuesday or a Friday too so..yeah..what to do now..he's made it clear he likes me so why not spend time with me?

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