What does it mean if he doesn't kiss you on the first date?(Please read details)

Does it mean he dosn't like me? Does it mean he wants to take it real slow? Or does it just mean that there's something wrong with me? I brushed my teeth really well right before the date, ate a few breath mints (it's what I do if I'm a little nervous anyway) and we have known each other for awhile now. (We recently decided to go out) Please give me some good advice!

Also, it was at the fair. Could it be a public affection problem?


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  • i think so.some guys don't like to do it publicly as it would be his first.He needs to practice it toperfection b4 he show cases.You the first kiss always looks akward and he won't like to be embarrased in public.give him anotha chance in cool quiet place and see what happens.he will like to do it all day but not where all will see him.i promise you this wan!


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  • It doesn't mean anything, it was just the FIRST date. Be glad that he respects you enough to wait until you two get to know each other better.