Perfect text after a date?

The guy I like asked me out and we went to a movie last night.

long story shirt, it really enjoyed it and spending time with him and I would like to text him thanking him (he paid) but I want it to be cute and flirty too. any ideas? what would you like to get?


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  • just you be yourself if you can't call at least send him a nice text, not sure how to be flirty with that part(it's your move on that lol)..but say you really enjoyed his company and your looking forward seeing him again when he has the time =)


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  • A phone call would be better..

    On of those most asked questions on this site is

    "What does this mean"

    So many things can be misinterpreted and over analyzed in text and email form...

    Don't get me wrong..they can in conversation as well but you just started dating and will kind of need to be able to converse with this person for a while so why not get some practice in today...

    Plus if he felt the same way he will be so relieved to hear your voice and thoughts today..

  • Saying some thing you had a really nice time and that you would like to do it again.


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