Should he stop talking to her?

ok so here`s the sitch, my guy best friend loves my girl best friend, he`s told her twice now but she doesn`t feel the same way, She flirts with every guys that walks by, but he loves her and has for three years now. So here's my plan, he told her that he really likes her (twice) lately, so she`s been trying to send the back off signals, I think he should just stop being there for her for a while and then surprise her with a really random text, but he doesn`t think she`ll even notice. So should he maybe get really pushy then stop talking to her? I need help from guys and girls, who`ve ever had this happen to them or how they`d feel about it! :)


xo Lexy ox


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  • Honestly I don't think she ever will give him the time of day. Really. For starters, she's clearly zoned him as some guy who's just a love sick puppy. That already kills all chances he's got, right there, and the longer he stays like this the more pathetic he'll look to her. But even if he changed that, even then, I don't think she'd ever look at him. Based on what you told me in a message, he's not the best looking guy out there. That there are better looking guys, and those are the people she flirts with and hits on. Hate to tell you, but it sounds like you're friend is shallow. So, she's never gonna look at him, then.

    Yeah it sucks but that's just how it is. That's just how she is. she's not going to go for it. I'd suggest that he finds another girl. Dates someone else. Pours that kind of, attention, love and kindness into that relationship. Into a relationship with a girl who actually cares about him. He's not going to get her. Even if by some chance in hell, that he did, she'd only see it after he stops chasing her and starts giving that kinda love to someone else. Even then the chances are high that she'd just want him because now suddenly someone else has him.

    Sorry, but this just isn't going to happen. I think you need to tell your friend. It sounds like he's pretty stuck on her, so I think that you by yourself, need to tell him this. Tell it to him straight up, and don't sugarcoat it. Because I don't think he'd hear you otherwise. He might just take sugarcoating it the wrong way, and keep going for something that just plainly will not happen. This girl isn't gonna understand how shallow she is until her looks have long since faded. Trying to convince her of this will never work either. She'll come to that on her own, when it's far too late. Ultimately I think hitting him with the truth is best.

    Life is too short to waste on people who frankly don't care. Maybe someday your friend will figure that out, or maybe you can help him.

    Either way. Good luck.


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  • He should give her space and do the random text but pretend that he isn't intrested anymore

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