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He has checked me out with all his girlfriends?

Its so long gone.
Because, we have graduated college, and he blocked me on IG when he had this girlfriend AND did not respond to my FB message of me like basically being crazy. Its been 2 years since graduation and I still think about him. And I am wanting to move to where he is.

His girlfriend when I met her actually ran up to me, and knew me already because I messaged him asking to hang out. He was this really good in his industry lets say the arts, and worked for this cool internship. and he had a bunch of girls who liked him.
We met in a funny way. He had to help new students in the dorm as a volunteer thing. And then we both looked at each other. like immediately, just looked at each other. for a long time because well I thought he looked really attractive, and it was shocking. Like we just didn't speak for a long while. I thought I need to focus on school, he had like lets say piercing so I thought he was a bad guy or a bad student in a major with a bad reputation.
And then my best fiend at the time showed up and I just walked past him and he looked sad.
But I honestly, was healing after my father passed.
So then, I found out he was a good guy, checked me out all the time but always had a girlfriend. At school events, he would check me out in front of his GFs and she would seeth, she even made her thesis project like essentially take a dig at me sort of and she was also in that prestigious program.
So for his project, he made like a similar thing but it was like really sweet and my peers thought it resembled me a lot.
So then I messaged him senior year. He was too busy again and I think now he was upset at me all that time a little bit. Anyway his girlfriend started taking my style exactly. They also posted they were dating a day after I messaged him when he hadn't before. And then she like ran up to me and tried to open doors for me and I didn't know who she was but she knew me and she copied my IG description on her IG I noticed.
He has checked me out with all his girlfriends?
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