He calls home but doesn't text me? Please help!

OK, so I've been talking to this guy for 6 years now. We are head over heels for each other and KNOW We should be together. He is in marine combat training right now. It's been about 2 weeks since I've talked to him last. They have their cellphones and can use them at a certain time every now and again. Maybe once every week or so.


He calls home but never calls me or texts me on that period. Do you know if they are allowed only one call at a time, or no texting etc? Please help. I'm worried because of the time not talking to me, that he is just losing interest in me all together. :(


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  • Here's my thoughts on this situation. Since he's going through marine combat training right now, a lot of his attention is being directed to finding ways to survive and complete his training. It's not like he's lost interest in you. Also, he might only get a few phone calls every 3 or 5 weeks. After all, if you're a soldier sent to war, you won't get that many phone calls anyone. Instead you'll write letters. However, I am sure he is still very interested in you. Have you tried to send him a letter or email. Just keep contacting him. He should reply back. I hope my advice helps and can help give you a positive outlook on this.

    • Hello.

      When he went to basic training, I wrote him constantly. Now that he is in the combat training, I am not able to write him nor do his family. They depend on the phone calls he has, though I really wish I could talk to him too. It really sucks!

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