The second date that never happened...

I met a guy at a club on a night out. He said he'd seen me around a lot and always wanted to talk to me. I thought 'typical line' but he seemed nice enough and harmless, so I gave him my number.

Later on, as the night was dying down he came up to me again and we danced together, kissed. He then walked me home - a whole lot more kissing ensued but nothing more.

The next day he text me and asked me out. So we arranged the date, and on the Wednesday we went out. Now I was feeling a little under the weather at this point, but neither of us wanted to cancel.

Good date, positive end, anyway - a couple of days later he rang and asked me out again. I was too ill, politely declined but said I'd make it up to him when I was feeling better.

A couple of days after that he asked if I was better and when I was free.

I text back and told him I was, and offered two dates - and asked which was more suitable for him seen as he works weird hours.

Then I heard nothing from him again.

About a week after that we spoke a bit online - but only general chit chat, that was never mentioned.

And then maybe another week after that he text my best friend, and she (being the prying kind she was) asked if we'd gone out. He said yes, once, he had a really good time.

So - was he just not that into me? Why would he get in touch with my friend? Is he waiting for me to make a move?

I'm not very experienced relationship wise, and he knows this, we've spoken before about our past relationships, and encounters and he knows that I've only had flings before - so is he thinking that this was all I was after with him?


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  • There's no way to know what goes through another persons head. Sometimes things happen that prevent things from happening or it could just be a case of his own personal type of problem as far as relationships are concerned.


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