He ended it with me yet still Facebook chats me from time to time?

Facebook chats me from time to time... so I chatted him first then freaked out and left my computer... then I sent him a text message explaining why I didn't reply to him...and now I'm afraid to see if he will reply... I've tried no contact but he looks so good. And I really want to hang out w him. I still feel pretty over him but I still want to talk to him even though I think he is over me...I just don't want him to move on


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  • It is okay to chat with him. Talking to each other is a perfectly okay thing for you guys to do. If you want to still hang out that's a different story. Are you still interested in him? If you are you shouldn't be, because if he broke up with you and then you guys get back together than he is just using you.

    You guys can still be friends, but don't flirt with him or he might get the wrong idea!


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