Wait until she contacts me?

Been talking on and off to a girl I used to work with. There was always interest but kept things professional and can be quite at times. I reached out to her to touch base during the pandemic but kind of dropped the conversation. A month later we match on Tinder and she gets ahold of me. We text for a couple weeks, some days she’s fun and open some days I don’t get much of a reply. Wanted to set up a date but felt like I’m getting hot and cold and was the only one initiating and carrying on the conversation, so left my last text following up with “you know how to reach me”. Am I wrong to just leave it at that. Felt this was a long time coming and there’s genuine interest and potential but haven’t seen any effort or openness on her end just not sure what to do other than wait and not chase.
Wait until she contacts me?
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