I'm nervous to hang out with girls for the first time if I'm trying to possibly date them!

Um I'm nervous to hang out with girls for the first time if I'm try to date then or possibly trying to have just a sexual relationship with them cause that's what they want and I always come up with excuses not to hang out :/ But its not as bad if its just like hanging out as friends! What can I do to not get nervous and I'm also kinda scared to do sexual stuff any thoughts? I have never done anything but make out. Like I'm a really nice guy and wanna care about the girl to its just kinda dumb I NEED HELP lol


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  • Well, first of all, just relax. You don't have to be so nervous about it, although it is cute with some guys. Get to know them. If you do hang with them one-on-one and you're still nervous and they notice and say something, just tell them the truth, but don't be completely and totally frank about it. Tell them that you like them and don't want to make a fool out of yourself and embarrass yourself in front of them. Just don't go as far as to say you love them automatically. That will make a girl basically want to flee, unless you find the one that feels the same.

    As far as doing things sexually, don't rush. When you find the girl that you want to do things with, once again, relax and let things go at whatever pace is set that you're comfortable with.

    I hope that this helps a bit.


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