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He’s scared of getting into a relationship, how do I help him overcome this?

I’ve liked a guy for the past year who I’ve known ever since I was younger but only just reunited this year. We’re both 17 but go to different schools but we talk on Snapchat all the time.
We’ve hung out as a group where he brought one of his friends and I brought one of my friends, just to make it easier because it was the first time we properly hung out since we were like 9.
We also then hung out a couple of days ago. He was the one who made the plans and he paid for my food so I paid for the arcade that we went to.
A week before we actually properly made the plans and went out, he clarified that he didn’t intend on this being a date because he didn’t really want it to be.
He’s never been in a relationship before or been on a date or had his first kiss or anything, and I like that about him.
But then when we were out, we were doing that rice purity test thing that tests your innocence and he said that he has been on a date before, but not that long ago he told he hasn’t? Did he then consider us being on a date?
He’s told someone else I know that he’s scared to get into a relationship and hesitant because every time he got close to a girl this year she stopped talking to him and he got hurt. I’m not sure if he was referring to me or not because multiple times I did stop talking but that’s because school got in the way and I didn’t have time to talk to anyone.
i don’t want to assume he likes me but his body language was a bit flirty when we hung out and I’m the only girl that he talks to online. As far as I know he hasn’t met up with other girls and he said he wants to meet up again.
How do I get him to overcome his fear of relationships? I don’t really want to bring up the fact that I like him because last time I told him I liked him was about 6 months ago and it got too awkward because I think he didn’t like me so we stopped talking at that point. We have a really good friendship going on at the moment so I don’t want to ruin anything.
He’s scared of getting into a relationship, how do I help him overcome this?
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