Who was the one you couldn't get over? your unrequited love?

and why ? what keeps you hanging on in one way or another ?


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  • Well unlike myspacemybroke I KNOW that me and S were not ever going to be together, that's what got me moving on.

    We grew up together and he was charismatic, he was super smart (he's a doctor student and studied pre-medicine). Anyways, he dressed well, talked well, people LOVED him and he seemed to have so many friends. I just thought he was super good looking and smart, and that's what drawn me to him. Plus I knew him since I was in 2nd grade so I knew he had no other Girlfriend before and he was a goody goody. That's why I liked him so much. He loved his family, his God and so on and so forth.

    But we couldn't be together for some reason. I wanted to focus on my schooling and he seemed to only want girls who were a 10 and I was like a 9 or something.

    Long story short, I fell in love with another kid I met from elementary school when I was 24 and got married in March, and he got married on the same day I did the following year. :S

    • hmm if he had anything to do with what day they got married on like maybe church booking,s his wife, etc, then if he picked that day, to get married on, then maybe Your the one who got away from him... but glad you found someone who you love hope it all works out for you :)

    • thanks!

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  • The way she talks, the way she thinks, the way she walks, the way her eyes move, the way her lips move, the way she holds herself, the way I used to be able to hold her. I hang on because I can convince myself there's still a chance when my heart leaps into my throat every time I hear her voice.