How do you get over someone you thought was the one?

I lost this guy I really liked that I perceived to be a full package. We had been talking for 3 1/2 months & things were going great. I have never met someone that I felt so sure about & he made it clear that he liked me/ wanted a relationship. We shared similar morals, values, he validated me, he was respectful, solid job, responsible, health conscious, humor, inspired, ambitious, listened to me... He said he liked me too & he would tell me all the things he liked about me... And then I had a particularly rough week & I turn to confide in him & he flipped out on me. He yelled at me, implied that it was wrong for me to be open with him, & told me all this stuff he didn’t like about me. He then went on to claim that it’s not me its him, claimed he wants to be by himself & disappeared on me. The situation has been eating at me even though I know there’s nothing I can do. I feel like it’s hard to find a guy around my age (22) with these qualities & like I had “hit the jackpot”. I’ve never had a healthy relationship where I felt secure. How do I get over someone who I truly belI eve was meant for me? I’m open to hearing about any similar experiences.
How do you get over someone you thought was the one?
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