I’m seeing my boss?

I’m gonna go straight out on this one. I’m 18yrs old and my boss who I’ve been working for almost 2yrs is 43yrs old. I know crazy right? We started seeing each other 3 months ago and we have both caught feelings. I know the age gap is a lot (25 years) and that fact that he is my boss. We have had heaps of talks about this and he said he’s more than happy to do it and start a relationship. I really have got feelings for him and I would love to start a relationship with him. But society now days won’t allow it. I wanted to write this question for everyone’s opinion. Your very HONEST opinion. I does Hurt that I can’t be with him. His personality is amazing and every time i see him I can’t help but smile. Guys/girls please help me out.
I’m seeing my boss?
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